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Mas de la Plantade

The Mas de la Plantade is the perfect place to share a holiday with friends or family.  The capacity of the cottage  is 14 people and the large accomodation allow you to live in a group or to isolate yourself to enjoy the quiet and the view.
For your week-ends that vary according to circumstances, and for over 14 people, please contact us for information on our additional reception capacities.

Nothing like sharing a drink or dinner together in the garden and enjoy the cool evening...

Located between Hérault and Gard, the holiday rental  Mas de la Plantade and it large accomodation makes this place an ideal starting point for excursions and activities in the region, nature walks or hikes, or extreme sports.

Between East and West, The Plantade has a central position in Occitan, you can organize a reunion in a pleasant and friendly resort. 

You have the reassurance of a trip where you avoid fatigue and optimize time; you will preserve the privacy of your stay; you will give yourself a moment of happiness, taking pleasure in being together.

Enjoy your stay.

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